Wednesday January the 7th
8:30 Registration
9:30 Opening
10:00 Keynote Speech : Marcel WORRING, University of Amsterdam
11:00 Refreshments Break
11:30 Oral Session 1: Automated Annotation
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Poster Session 1
15:30 Refreshments Break
16:00 Oral Session 2: Coding and Streaming
Thursday January the 8th
9:00 Registrations
9:30 Keynote Speech : Stephen STAAB, University of Koblenz-Landau
10:30 Refreshments Break
11:00 Oral Session 3: Video Semantics and Relevance
13:30 Lunch Break
14:30 Poster Session 2 and Demo Session
15:30 Refreshments Break
16:00 Oral Session 4: Audio
18:00 Conference Banquet (Nice)
Friday January the 9th
9:00 Registrations
9:30 Keynote Speech : Nadia Magnenat-THALMANN, University of Geneva
10:30 Refreshments Break
11:00 Oral Session 5: Recognition, Classification and Retrieval
13:30 Lunch Break
14:30 Poster Session 3
15:30 Refreshments Break
16:00 Oral Session 6: Query and Summarization
17:30 Closing

Detailed Program
Oral Session 1 : Jan 7th - 11:00 (Top)
59 Hongtao Xu, Xiangdong Zhou and Tat-Seng Chua. Adaptive Model for Integrating Different Types of Associated Texts for Effective Annotation of Web Images
2 Ciarán Ó Conaire, Noel O'Connor and Michael Blighe. SenseCam Image Localisation using Hierarchical SURF Trees
139 Reede Ren and Joemon Jose. Temporal Attention Estimation For General Sports Video Highlight Detection
Poster Session 1 : Jan 7th - 13:30 (Top)
4 Toshie Misu, Atsushi Matsui, Simon Clippingdale, Mahito Fujii and Nobuyuki Yagi. Probabilistic Integration of Tracking and Recognition of Soccer Players
13 Yang Ou, Chul Sur and Kyung Hyune Rhee. A Fast and Fully Format Compliant Protection of JPEG2000 Code-streams
36 Keith Jellyman, Nicholas Evans, W. M. Liu and J. S. D. Mason. Towards a New Image-Based Spectrogram Segmentation Speech Coder Optimised for Intelligibility
58 Dianle ZHOU and Patrick Horain. Robust 3D Face Tracking on Multiple Users with Dynamical Active Models
70 Guifen Tian, Tianruo Zhang, Takeshi Ikenaga and Satoshi Goto. A Fast Hybrid Decision Algorithm for H.264/AVC Intra Prediction Based on Entropy Theory
82 Chanyul Kim and Noel O'Connor. Low Complexity Video Compression Using Moving Edge Detection Based on DCT Coefficients
98 Mahsa T. Pourazad, Panos Nasiopoulos and Rabab K. Ward. Converting H.264-derived Motion Information into Depth Map
123 Klaus Schöffmann, Mathias Lux and Laszlo Boeszoermenyi. A Novel Approach for Fast and Accurate Commercial Detection in H.264/AVC Bit Streams, Based on Logo Identification
Oral Session 2 : Jan 7th - 16:00 (Top)
117 Aymen Kammoun, Frédéric Payan and Marc Antonini. Bit allocation for Spatio-temporal Wavelet Coding of Animated Semi-regular Meshes
32 Christian Günter and Albrecht Rothermel. Modeling the Quantizer Behavior of Subbands for Data Rate Limitations in JPEG2000
96 Mohammad Alsmirat and Nabil Sarhan. Performance and Waiting-Time Predictability Analysis of Design Options in Cost-Based Scheduling for Scalable Media Streaming
118 Cristian Koliver, Jean-Marie Farines and Barbara Busse. Evaluating Streaming Rate Controllers: a Support Tool
Oral Session 3 : Jan 8th - 11:00 (Top)
62 Yuan Liu, Tao Mei, Jinhui Tang, Xiuqing Wu and Xian-Sheng Hua. Semi-Supervised Learning to Rank for Video Search
140 Pablo Bermejo, Hideo Joho, Robert Villa and Joemon Jose. Comparison Of Feature Construction Methods for Video Relevance Prediction
149 Evaggelos Spyrou, Giorgos Tolias and Yannis Avrithis. Large Scale Concept Detection in Video Using a Region Thesaurus
103 Ming Li, Yan-Tao Zheng, Shouxun Lin, Yongdong Zhang and Tat-Seng Chua. Multimedia Evidence Fusion for Video Concept Detection via OWA Operator
Poster Session 2 : Jan 8th - 14:30 (Top)
40 Paolo Piro, Sandrine Anthoine, Eric Debreuve and Michel Barlaud. Sparse Multiscale Patches (SMP) for Image Categorization
53 Dong Liu, Xian-Sheng Hua, Linjun Yang and Hong-Jiang Zhang. Multiple-Instance Active Learning for Image Categorization
69 Jingjing Yang, Yuanning Li, Yonghong Tian, Lingyu Duan and Wen Gao. A New Multiple Kernel Approach for Visual Concept Learning
147 Thanos Athanasiadis, Nikolaos Simou, Georgios Th. Papadopoulos, Benmokhtar Rachid, Krishna Chandramouli, Vassilis Tzouvaras, Vasileios Mezaris, Marios Phiniketos, Yannis Avrithis, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Benoit Huet and Ebroul Izquierdo. Integrating Image Segmentation and Classification for Fuzzy Knowledge-based Multimedia Indexing
Demostration Session : Jan 8th - 14:30 (Top)
150 Yuli Gao, Hangzai Luo and Jianping Fan. Personalized Image Recommendation
151 Gael Manson, Xavier Naturel and Sid-Ahmed Berrani. Online Macro-Segmentation of Television Streams
152 Sid-Ahmed Berrani and Nicolas Gengembre. A Real-Time Content Based Video Copy Detection System
153 J.Deigmöller, G. Fernàndez, A.Kriechbaum, A. López, B. Mérialdo, H. Neuschmied, F. Pinyol Margalef, R.Trichet, P. Wolf, R. Salgado and F. Milagaia. Active Objects in Interactive Mobile Television
Fredrik Linaker and Ana C. Andrés del Valle. AMORP: Accenture Mobile Object Recognition Platform
Oral Session 4 : Jan 8th - 16:00 (Top)
68 Armando Muscariello, Guillaume Gravier and Frédéric Bimbot. Variability tolerant audio motif discovery
128 Inoshita Takahito and Jiro Katto. Key Estimation using Circle of Fifth
124 Shuhei Hamawaki, Shintaro Funasawa, Jiro Katto, Hiromi Ishizaki, Keiichiro Hoashi and Yasuhiro Takishima. Feature Analysis and Normalization Approach for Robust Content-based Music Retrieval to Encoded Audio with Different Bit Rates
Oral Session 5 : Jan 9th - 10:00 (Top)
30 Yasunori Kamiya, Tomokazu Takahashi, Ichiro Ide and Hiroshi Murase. A Multimodal Constellation Model for Object Category Recognition
93 Charith Abhayaratne. Robust Visual Content Representation Using Compression Modes Driven Low-level Visual Descriptors
41 Sebatiano Battiato, Giovanni Maria Farinella, Giovanni Gallo and Daniele Ravì. Spatial Hierarchy of Textons Distributions for Scene Classification
92 Nouha Bouteldja, Valérie Gouet-Brunet and Michel Scholl. Approximate retrieval with HiPeR: Application to VA-Hierarchies
Poster Session 3 : Jan 9th - 13:00 (Top)
46 Keming Mao, Guoren Wang and Yan Jin. A Novel Multi-Reference Points Fingerprint Matching method
52 Hui-Zhen Gu, Yung-Wei Kao, Suh-Yin Lee and Shyan-Ming Yuan. HVPN : The Combination of Horizontal and Vertical Pose Normalization for Face Recognition
71 Naoto Nakamura, Shigeru Takano and Yoshihiro Okada. 3D Multimedia Data Search System Based on Stochastic ARG Matching Method
95 Ouji Karima, Ben Amor Boulbaba, Ardabilian Mohsen, Chen Liming, and Ghorbel Faouzi. 3D Face Recognition using R-ICP and Geodesic Coupled Approach
97 Chao Liao and Patricia P. Wang. Mining Association Patterns between Music and Video Clips in Professional MTV
100 Junfa Liu, Yiqiang Chen, Xingyu Gao and Wen Gao. Semi-supervised Learning of Caricature Pattern from Manifold Regularization
133 Pan Qi, Xiaonan Luo and Jiwu Zhu. An Image Inpainting Algorithm Based on Local Geometrical Similarity
148 Marco Paleari, Rachid Benmokhtar and Benoit Huet. Evidence Theory Based Multimodal Emotion Recognition
Oral Session 6 : Jan 9th - 15:00 (Top)
45 Gamhewage de Silva, Toshihiko Yamasaki and Kiyoharu Aizawa. Sketch-on-Map : Spatial Queries for Retrieving Human Locomotion Patterns from Continuously Archived GPS Data
107 Jianping Fan. Personalized News Video Recommendation
108 Frank Hopfgartner, Thierry Urruty, Robert Villa and Joemon Jose. Facet-based Browsing in Video Retrieval: A Simulation-based Evaluation
26 Wei-Ting Peng, Wei-Jia Huang, Wei-Ta Chu, Chien-Nan Chou, Wen-Yan Chang, Chia-Han Chang and Yi-Ping Hung. A User Experience Model for Home Video Summarization